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3 Reasons Why You Shouldn't Put Off Getting a Dental Crown

If you don’t take great care of your teeth, they can be compromised by decay or infection and require a crown to restore the damage. But poor oral hygiene is not the only reason you would need a crown; you can easily crack or break a tooth biting down on something hard or taking an elbow to the face during a pick-up basketball game. 

Why You Need a Dental Crown

Regardless of the reason, your dentist would typically recommend a crown to protect the tooth from further damage and restore lost chewing function. When you've been told you need a crown, the worst thing you can do is put off treatment and risk ...

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How to Narrow Down Your Cosmetic Dentistry Options

a woman gets veneers matched to the color of her teeth | cosmetic dentist candia nh

Do you feel self-conscious when you’re around others who have “picture-perfect” smiles? Have you found ways to hide your smile so no one knows that yours is far from perfect?

Are You Happy with Your Smile?

Various surveys report that between one third and one half of us aren’t happy with the appearance of our smiles; that’s a lot of unhappy people! Of course, everyone has different things they’d like to change, from brightening their smile to fixing crooked teeth.

We Have the Solution You Need!

Wherever your esthetic needs are, you will be happy to know that there’s virtually no esthetic problem we can’t solve with cosmetic dentistry in Candia, NH! Let’s look ...

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Renovations and Updates for Hillside Dental Care!

A lot of changes are happening at Hillside Family Dental Care! Renovations started this week on our front desk reception area.  We are renovating the entire area including a new front desk and chairs. There will be new carpet and paint throughout the office’s hallways as well.  The private office is currently our temporary waiting room before it is renovated for Dr. Pakula.  There is also a lot of behind the scenes updating that is happening with the renovation as well.  We are updating our heating and cooling systems as well as adding a generator!  Just imagine, in the future we'll be able to see you for your appointment even ...

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Welcome to Hillside Family Dental Care with Dr. Emily J. Pakula Moriarty!

An image of the dental team here at Hillside Family Dental Care | Candia NH Dentist

Welcome to Hillside Family Dental Care! Dr. Emily J. Pakula Moriarty and her staff take great pride in offering patients the very best in dental care. As many of our long-time patients know, Hillside Dental has been a fixture in Candia for over 35 years, previously under the care of Dr. Robert Pinard. When Dr. Pinard was getting ready to retire, he went to great lengths to find the perfect fit to take care of his patient base. A mutual friend put him in touch with Dr. Pakula and the rest is history! With a new name for the practice and a new doctor at the helm, Hillside Family Dental ...

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