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Financial Info

We understand that everyone has concerns about paying for their dental care. At Hillside Dental Care, we believe you deserve high-quality dentistry, and our goal is to make it easy for you to get the immediate care you need without having to worry about finances.

If you are ever in a position where you feel like you have to choose between good dental care and your finances, please don't hesitate to call or talk to a member of our team so we can help. We will do everything possible to work with you to find a solution that meets your needs.


The world of dental insurance can be a little complicated to figure out. You don't have to worry if you have questions or don't understand your coverage because we are here to help!

We are currently in-network with Delta Dental Premiere, but we are happy to accept and process all insurance claims. Please don't hesitate to call our office if you have questions about your specific insurance plan.

FSA, HSA, and Other Forms of Payment

At Hillside Family Dental Care, we accept payments using your FSA or HSA account. We're also happy to accept cash, personal checks, and all major credit cards.


You can budget for routine dental care, but what do you do if you suddenly find out you need treatment you hadn't planned for? The answer is interest-free CareCredit financing!

CareCredit can be used anytime, but it's perfect for unexpected expenses. It works like a credit card for your healthcare needs, and as long as you pay the balance in the agreed period, you won't be charged any interest. CareCredit gives you the freedom to make monthly payments that fit your budget. You can also use CareCredit for other wellness expenses like vision care, dermatology, and cosmetic treatments.

You can apply in just a few minutes online at CareCredit.com or at our Candia, NH dental office. Please give us a call if you are interested or have questions about how CareCredit works.

If you have difficulty using our website, please email us or call us at (603) 483-2176
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