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It's important for you to be involved in your dental care. We can provide the best results when we understand your concerns and goals for a healthier smile. 

That is why we want you to come to us anytime you have a question. You aren't expected to know everything about your oral health, and we encourage you to let us know what's on your mind. No question is too small, and the only silly question is one that goes unasked!

Please take a moment to browse through some of the questions we hear most often. If yours isn't listed here, please don't hesitate to call our office or email us using our convenient online contact form.

Children's Dentistry

a family smiles | children's dentist raymond nhThe American Dental Association recommends that all children see the dentist when their first tooth appears, but no later than age one.

You may not realize it, but a lot is happening in your child’s mouth at a very early age. Baby teeth appear even as permanent teeth are developing in the gums. The baby teeth have a very important job to do. They hold a space for the permanent teeth. This space gives permanent teeth a place to erupt properly.

If a baby tooth is lost because of decay, adjacent teeth begin to drift into the space. This closes the space meant for the permanent tooth. When the tooth does appear, it may be crooked or crowd other teeth because there isn’t enough room.

We know you want your child to enjoy the best possible oral health, and we are here to help. Our friendly team will help you understand why good oral hygiene and a healthy diet are important, even if your child is still a baby.

Whether it’s time for your child’s first visit or you just have questions about their oral health, please call our Candia, NH dental office so we can arrange a convenient appointment.

Crowns & Bridges

a woman covers her mouth | Dental Crowns Candia NHIf you have a tooth that is damaged because of injury or decay, we need to protect it as soon as possible with a dental crown. Our goal is to do everything we can to preserve as much natural tooth structure as possible. A crown protects all sides of the tooth and may be recommended when there’s not enough tooth structure to support a restoration like a filling.

Some of the situations where a crown is an appropriate solution include:

  • Restoring a tooth damaged by injury or decay
  • Protecting a tooth after a large filling
  • Reinforcing a tooth after a root canal procedure
  • Functioning as the crown for a dental implant
  • Restoring a tooth that is badly worn or cracked
  • Serving as an anchor for a dental bridge

Dr. Emily Pakula will help you understand why a crown is necessary and what the procedure involves. She will recommend a crown only if it is the most sensible option available to protect your oral health.

If you have a damaged tooth and think you might need a crown to protect it, please call our Candia office to arrange an appointment. We will explain all your options and help you decide if a crown is right for you.

Dental Implants

A missing tooth not only affects the appearance your smile, but it can also make you feel embarrassed and self-conscious.

But a missing tooth is much more than a cosmetic problem. If we don't replace a missing tooth, you will develop more severe dental conditions. The teeth behind the missing space will gradually tilt forward, moving the rest of your teeth out of alignment.

Also, each tooth has an important job to do. When a tooth is missing, surrounding teeth have to work harder. This extra work leads to stress on healthy teeth, which in turn leads to early wear or fracture.

If you have a missing tooth, we can recommend a dental bridge or a dental implant. A bridge includes an artificial tooth and crowns on either side that attach to your natural teeth. This is an excellent option because it works well for many people.

However, if you would like a permanent solution, we can recommend a dental implant. The implant is placed in your jaw, allowed to heal, then finished with a dental crown. A dental implant acts as much like a natural tooth as possible so you can eat your favorite foods and smile with confidence.

If you have a missing tooth, please don't put off treatment. Call our Candia, NH dental office, and we'll work together to find the solution that fits all your needs.

Digital X-Rays

a dentist holding a dental x-ray | dental x-rays Deerfield NHMany patients question the need for x-rays, and that’s understandable. However, your safety is our highest priority. We will never recommend an x-ray that you don’t need. If we think it’s necessary, we will explain why the x-ray is important and how it will benefit your oral health.

At Hillside Family Dental Care, we provide our patients with state-of-the-art digital x-rays that keep you safe by using a much lower level of radiation than film x-rays. The images created with digital x-ray images are very detailed, so we can see even the smallest problems and treat them before they become significant problems. We can share these images with you on a monitor next to your chair so you can see exactly what’s happening deep inside your tooth.

Finding and treating decay or disease in the early stages can save you money because we can take care of these problems when they’re small and easy to manage. Without early treatment, these conditions can develop to the point where complicated and costly dental care is necessary.

If you are concerned about the safety of digital x-rays, please call our Deerfield, NH dental office. We are always more than happy to answer your questions!

General Dentistry

a man gets a dental exam | composite fillings Candia NHWe create tooth-colored fillings using a composite material that looks a lot like your natural tooth structure. These fillings look much better than older white fillings because they blend in so well with your enamel that the repair is not noticeable.

The composite material is designed to be bonded to all surfaces of your tooth to hold it together and protect it from wear. Because of the way the filling material is made, we only need to remove a tiny portion of your tooth. This is important because our goal is to keep as much of your natural tooth intact as we can.

With older amalgam (silver) fillings, the dentist had to remove a lot of healthy tooth structure to create a filling. The amalgam was placed in the cavity but did not bond to the tooth as tooth-colored fillings do. Over time, this makes the tooth brittle and prone to fracture.

At Hillside Family Dental Care, we want you to be aware of all the options we offer to ensure your good oral health. Tooth-colored fillings improve your oral health and look good doing it. If you have a question about tooth-colored fillings, please give us a call so we can arrange a time to meet and discuss your needs.

Preventative Services

A man who's hiking stands and smiles | root planing Candia NHPlaque is a sticky film that develops on your teeth throughout the day. If you don’t remove plaque thoroughly with good oral hygiene, it collects bacteria that irritate and damage healthy gum tissue. Over time, plaque will turn into a hard substance called tartar. Tartar, also called calculus, can only be removed by a dental hygienist.

Bacteria develop around the teeth and accumulate under the gum tissue. Tissue and bone that support your teeth are gradually destroyed, forming "pockets" between the gums and the teeth. Without treatment, these pockets collect even more bacteria, become deeper, and provide a bigger space for bacteria to live.

Scaling and root planing, also called deep cleaning, is a procedure we use to remove plaque and tartar above and below the gumline. During the scaling part of the process, our hygienist smooths out rough areas of the root surfaces to help stop plaque and tartar from developing and creating a further infection.

The best way to avoid gum disease is by brushing and flossing twice a day and visiting our Candia, NH dental office for professional cleanings. Treating gum disease early can reduce the permanent impact that it has on your oral health.

If it’s time for your next checkup and cleaning, please call our office to make an appointment.

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