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Children's Dentistry

a family smiles | children's dentist raymond nhThe American Dental Association recommends that all children see the dentist when their first tooth appears, but no later than age one.

You may not realize it, but a lot is happening in your child’s mouth at a very early age. Baby teeth appear even as permanent teeth are developing in the gums. The baby teeth have a very important job to do. They hold a space for the permanent teeth. This space gives permanent teeth a place to erupt properly.

If a baby tooth is lost because of decay, adjacent teeth begin to drift into the space. This closes the space meant for the permanent tooth. When the tooth does appear, it may be crooked or crowd other teeth because there isn’t enough room.

We know you want your child to enjoy the best possible oral health, and we are here to help. Our friendly team will help you understand why good oral hygiene and a healthy diet are important, even if your child is still a baby.

Whether it’s time for your child’s first visit or you just have questions about their oral health, please call our Candia, NH dental office so we can arrange a convenient appointment.

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